Market Surveys

You can survey a representative group of the adult population or businesses in a country or region or a targeted group of consumers or business professionals based on specific criteria, for example, gender, age or more detailed criteria.  Participants are provided through professional survey panel companies.


Brand Awareness, Usage and Perceptions

Measure your competitive positioning within your marketplace.



  • Market penetration (awareness / usage) versus main competitors

  • Brand attributes and association (price / value / quality / reliability / features / trust / service)

  • Competitor positioning

  • Brand loyalty



New Product / Service Development

Measure your target market preferences in terms of new product and service ideas / concepts.



  • Evaluation of new concept ideas, features

  • Consumer preferences (pricing / features¬† trade off – using conjoint analysis)

  • Impact on business’s / organisation’s brand

  • Comparisons by type of consumer